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Matt Roda, '20

Reflexion Interactive Technologies
Chief Marketing Officer
Shortly before starting his freshman year at Penn State, Matt teamed up with two high school buddies to find a better concussion test. After experiencing his own injury from ice hockey and years of headaches that persisted, the team knew there had to be a better way to take care of athletes. This was the beginning of Reflexion. The Edge, a portable 2x6 foot LED touchscreen, was developed to track brain health in athletes while also improving their skills. By incentivizing the players, this performance tool becomes a part of their training routine by increasing coordination, reflexes, vision, and decision making, while making sports safer. While improving skill, it also monitors for injuries and creates a database of norms for a single athlete.

Matt handles sales and marketing, as well as all press and media inquiries. Through his efforts have put Reflexion in the news on print, web, radio, and television. Thankfully he enjoys travel, as his role sends him all around the country for demos and meetings. He loves spending time with his dog Willy, enjoys playing the piano, and remains an avid athlete.